Lens Luggers offer some tips on their work

LL Susan Lawrence writes…

Susan B Elk, Cataloochee Valley

Susan B Elk, Cataloochee Valley

“Ouch! A poke in the eye is imminent for one of these sparring young males. The jabbing antler was partially broken off, leaving a short, blunt tip still capable of doing serious injury. Although eye injuries are apparently fairly common among bulls during the rut, happily a later photo from this same sequence showed no injury.”

“Every year when we gather on the lawn of the Palmer House for brunch, I take at least a half dozen shots of the house in the late morning sun. The last few years, the Palmer House as subject matter felt pretty stale to me. Been there, done that.

Palmer House Funky Pano- by Susan Lawrence101 copy

Not so this year! Following Bob’s lead, I started shooting with my camera in panorama mode where multiple shots are stitched together in-camera. Such creative fun! Shooting while twirling, undulating, rocking or just moving my body any which way gave wonderfully unexpected and unpredictable results. A whole new way of altering reality without touching Photoshop!”

LL Louis Sasso writes…

Louis Sasso Trees, Cat ©“I know that we were in the valley to photograph the elk, but while waiting for one to appear, the way these trees seemed to be communicating with one another and to me said that they wanted to get into the action too.

What can I say, trees speak to me. They told me the crop; they felt that the graphic design was excellent; and they were communicating from trunk through the limbs and leaves. And, I always do what I’m told to do.”




About lensluggers

Nature photographers in Great Smoky Natl Park area, Lens Luggers enjoying travel and photography. Shoot'n fool who have a good time and like to share what they do. Go to www.lensluggerworld.com
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