Lens Lugger takes best of Show at Asheville Foto Fest

From Linda Vanetta…“During the last of week January 2015, I took a trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone led by photographers David Hartfield, Bill Lea and Chris Norcott…”

Red Fox by Linda Vannetta, Best of Show at Foto Fest 2015

Red Fox by Linda Vannetta, Best of Show at Foto Fest 2015

 In attendance were 6 other fellow photographers. It was a great tour with many opportunities to photograph beautiful landscapes and a variety of wildlife including buffalo, red fox, coyote, wolf and bobcat.

The red fox were seen near Colter Bay in the Teton National Park. They must be fairly used to people as they didn’t seem too skittish and we were able to get some really nice shots.  I was using my Nikon D90 with my 75-300 lens, on tripod of course. Crop factor gave me a bout 420 at the long end.  Still, a 600-800 would have been real nice, especially with other wildlife that were further away than I could close in with what I had. 

The Tetons and Yellowstone are especially beautiful in winter time and I highly recommend going.  And going with the above photographers is even better. We were shuttled around the Tetons in SUVs and in Yellowstone we were in guided snow coaches as no regular private vehicles are allowed on the roads during winter time.

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Nature photographers in Great Smoky Natl Park area, Lens Luggers enjoying travel and photography. Shoot'n fool who have a good time and like to share what they do. Go to www.lensluggerworld.com
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