Folly Gras – Mardi Gras, Folly style: Great photo opps

We’re in Charleston, SC with clouds, but warmer than the mountains – welcome relief  and to be in the 60’s today. Learning of the Folly Gras – Mardi Gras Folly style, we head back to Folly Beach.

Follygras, welcome models by Bob Grytten

Folly Gras, welcome models by Bob Grytten

It wasn’t long before we find our first story in a picture – two guys dressed for the occasion… I sort of motion with my hands to get their heads together. They smile and oblige. Thumbs up and they go back to their revelry…

On these occasions almost everyone wants to have their picture taken, but I still ask. Sometimes, though, I shoot the candid first then ask – just in case.

Follygras, Bulldog with Beads by Bob Grytten

Folly Gras, bulldog with Beads #2 by Bob Grytten

Next, we just cruise the length of the event for anything special. There are  dog’s of all descriptions, but when we saw this guy we knew it would be a winner…

My first shot of this guy was nice, but once I got all the images

Follygras Bulldog with beads #1 by Bob Grytten

Folly Gras bulldog with beads #1 by Bob Grytten

processed I knew the one looking straight on was the strongest.

Things are heating up…




Couple at Follygras by Bob Grytten

Couple at Follygras by Bob Grytten

I found this mask and asked them to move closer. I then cropped it so their eyes were at points where Thirds Rule would intersect.

I’m using my Nikon18-200mm lens. It’s my go to for street photography because of its almost unlimited focal length, plus it’s pretty sharp. The above bulldog that I liked was actually part of a street scene; but, so small it had to be cropped and enlarged a bit.

We stopped to eat at the Crab Shack and got a

Colorful at Carb Shack by Bob Grytten

Colorful at Crab Shack by Bob Grytten

high table outside – perfect shooting perch.

These guys were so colorful. Couldn’t resist.




Four at the table by Bob Grytten

Four at the table by Bob Grytten

Here’s a foursome that we shared a table with, all live nearby. It was so crowded…





And finally a short video clip which better conveys the mood. They hold this event every year…

If you go …

The edge of America. Just 15 miles from downtown Charleston, Folly Beach is its own universe – with its own sense of time, enjoyment, and a laid back, friendly energy that has earned it the lifelong affection of locals and visitors alike. Its wide beaches, solid surfing, eclectic neighborhoods, and community of locally-owned restaurants and shops make it the perfect place in which to revel, relax, and reconnect.

Folly Gras Parade
Held every February. Come and enjoy Mardi Gras, Folly style with the annual Folly Gras festival and parade.

Folly Beach History
1934: George Gershwin takes a beach vacation at 708 West Artic to write the classic musical, Porgy & Bess.

Morris Island Lighthouse
1876: The Morris Island Lighthouse was built. Today, though it’s light no longer shines, it stands approximately 300 yards off shore, as a beloved historic landmark.

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