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Getting up to potential! Yes, we’re talk’n to you…

You may have often heard me talk of the benefit of looking at other photography – now I want to clarify it. Look at effective photography and art work. And develop a pattern of learning from those “seers.” We’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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Composition Formula – From Idea to final image…

Composition Tips & Formula by Bob Grytten On our last field shoot, the discussion drifted toward compositional guidelines. The people who pay for the most effective photos, one would assume, have that subject nailed. Borrowing from a chapter in Rohn … Continue reading

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Top Photographers discuss their techniques…

Darlene writes… Bob: I had the opportunity to discuss outdoor photography with four of the six members of Photo Cascadia. Join me as we go through a variety of their stunning landscape photography and have them share their tips for … Continue reading

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Photography in winter??

So, it’s winter – well, just getting into it. But, I’m not waiting. Yesterday morning up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I wasn’t sure what I would find. Do I turn left, or right? – makes no difference. Time in … Continue reading

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Corrupted Digital Image Downloads

Tips from Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph, November 27, 2013 1. Reboot both the computer and the camera, then try downloading the same photo (if not already trashed). THIS IS ALWAYS A FIRST STEP WHEN ANY KIND OF GLITCH IS EXPERIENCED. … Continue reading

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