Early Morning Light Surprise

by Lens Lugger Beverly Slone

“I went to Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park early in January of this year hoping for some nice early morning light images.  That wasn’t to be so had to look for other things to photograph.  This cyclist happened by and I felt he would add interest to an other wise ho hum scene.  I had to act fast so the camera was hand held.  Canon 50D aperture priority, 35mm focal length at F5 for 1/500 second and 200 ISO.”

Beverly began her photographic endeavors, sometime when Larry West was teaching with John Shaw in Michigan. She is a frequent attendee of the Lens Lugger World programs, and leads camera hikes throughout Western North Carolina in the spring and summer.
This particular image caught our eye for the composition and mood set by the overcast morning. And while this image could iniatiate a lively discussion, it is an excellent example of a landscape that keeps the viewers eye in the frame – a sure fire requirement to a winning technique.

Given the sky is the brightest part of the frame, the unobtrusive branch at the top helps hold the eye in.

The curve of the road and fence line leads the eye into the picture. The woods in the background bring the eye to the left , to the lone tree which leads the gaze upward to the clouds. The nice thing here is that, in the clouds, there is another leading line created where the color changes.

This leads the eye over to the mountain top, back across to the tree in the center of the frame and down to the cyclist.  Then, the process begins over again.  The result is that the viewer is kept in the frame and drawn to the small nuances which make the “picture story” fun and enjoyable.

Noella Ballenger  is a master of this technique to keep the viewers eye in the frame and teaches online at  Apogee Photo – another excellent source to lift our work above the ordinary. This image is definitely a candidate for People’s Choice Award. Comments invited…

About lensluggers

Nature photographers in Great Smoky Natl Park area, Lens Luggers enjoying travel and photography. Shoot'n fool who have a good time and like to share what they do. Go to www.lensluggerworld.com
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